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Super 64 (PAL)

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  • The EON Super 64 PAL edition supports most PAL consoles, allowing the console to be hooked up to a modern TV via HDMI. If you own a non PAL console please check the NTSC adapter here

    PAL Super 64 compatibility:

    NUS-CPU-P-01 (Charcoal) - COMPATIBLE
    NUS-CPU-P-02 (Funtastic and Charcoal) - COMPATIBLE
    NUS-CPU-P-03 (Pikachu and Funtastic) - Incompatible
    NUS-CPU-R-01 (France or FRA) - Incompatible

    Firmly plug in the adapter to deliver a clean 576p image with zero added lag and without the need for external power.

    Additionally the Super 64 features a new “Slick Mode” button that when activated with a button press buffs out hard pixelated edges, giving an all-new look to our favorite N64 games.

    Designed with aesthetics in mind, the Super 64 is visually consistent with the original N64 console so that when seated, it feels and looks right at home.

    The device also comes in a custom designed box that faithfully represents the console.

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